Take a Peek at Data Privacy Day: January 28th, 2020

January 28th is Data Privacy Day! The purpose of this day is to raise our awareness of our online data privacy, which here at Financial Knowledge we take very seriously. When it comes to your personal finances, proetecting your identity online is key to preventing identity theft.

Passwords are often the first line of defense for data privacy. Update these on a regular basis and do not use passwords that would be easy for someone to guess. A strong password has at least 10 characters but should be as long as possible. The length of a passsword is directly related to strength… the longer the better. If you have too many passwords to remember, considering using a password manager program so all you are required to remember is the one that opens that program.

Remember these tips regarding your online passwords:

  1. The longer the better
  2. Change frequently
  3. Use a password manager
  4. Never share your passwords
  5. Do not recycle old passwords
If you have too many passwords to remember, considering using
a password manager.

To prevent malware from being uploaded to your computer, never open attachments you are not expecting, or click on popup ads. Delete emails and advertisements that seem fishy. Your bank, financial institution or the IRS will NEVER send you an email asking you to click on a link to confirm personal information such as social security number or account number. 

Although we all like sharing on social media, avoid over sharing. If a “friend” starts asking you questions about your high school or first pet, be aware that these are often answers to questions designed to protect your information. Don’t answer and delete the connection to that person. 

It takes some vigilance to keep yourself safe online but over time it will become second nature. Having your identity stolen is no fun so take the steps to protect yourself. Start today!